DR Welcome Message

Greetings in the name of my Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ.  I want to take this time to thank the Brothers of the Mighty Fourth District for the opportunity to serve as your 28th duly elected District Representative.  We have a long and great legacy of amazing leaders.  I am humbled and honored for the privilege to build on that foundation for continued growth through Friendship.   

As we begin this next season of Omega, we are facing a critical inflection point.  The socio-economic conditions, school to prison pipeline, negative media highlights, disrespect for authority, and a host of other social ills throughout our communities must be addressed.  It is time every Omega Man rises to the call unto which we vowed our allegiance, which is to support the worthwhile endeavors of our beloved Fraternity. 

Brothers of the Fourth District, let us rise to the challenge by focusing on the partnerships of Undergraduate Chapters with neighboring Graduate Chapters, and enhancing the unified fulfillment of our Nationally Mandated Programs.  These efforts will cause:

·         Our brand to be crystalized
·         Our friendships to be edified
·         Our purpose – personified
·         Our business – fortified
·         Living our creed – materialized and
·         Being the stalwart Omega Men (we are called, destined and foreordained to be) – actualized

 As we make a positive difference in the lives of those in need!

 Brothers we also want every Undergraduate Brother to have a Graduate Brother as a mentor in the field they seek to enter (demonstrating the Friendship of David and Johnathon).  Not only will we strive to emphasize mentoring the bloodline of our Fraternity, but will also provide the appropriate models for our Undergraduates to emulate. 

As we come together in unity, as we unite at the common bond of comradeship, as we live as men with high aspirations, what would appear difficult for many; will be easy for Men of Omega.  Because we work together as true Friends!

May God continue to prosper the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. and the Mighty Fourth District.

“Friendship is Essential to the Soul”

Bobby Robinson
Brother Bobby Robinson, 2-85-Gamma Lambda
28th Fourth District Representative

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